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Broccoli Sub, Broccoli Tacos, and More with Chef Tyler Kord of No. 7

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Mar 24, 2014

Think broccoli is boring? Chef Tyler Kord makes a broccoli sub, double-decker broccoli tacos, and fried broccoli, and they're all amazing. He says a ham and cheese sandwich isn't complete without broccoli. He even wrote a whole cookbook about broccoli.

In Sporkful podcast 180, Tyler and Dan discuss the magic of broccoli, whether you're really "overcooking" it if it still tastes delicious, and something called The Brocco-Leg. They also get into a ridiculous amount of detail on taco construction and bite consistency vs. bite variety in the aforementioned broccoli tacos.

Tyler is the chef at No. 7 Restaurant and No. 7 Sub. Here's a video of Tyler making his famous broccoli sub. The recipe (as featured in his cookbook) is below.

Photo of broccoli sub: Amy Pearl / WNYC

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