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Mint M&M’s, Preserved the Julie Zwillich Way (Outtake)

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Jul 01, 2010
The Sporkful

Happy Canada Day! Julie Zwillich is the perfect person to celebrate Canadian food in our episode on poutine and other Canadian nourishment. She's a TV food host and dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, so she knows the deliciousness happening on both sides of the border.

But we learned that she's also an expert in M&M acquisition and preservation. It was off-topic for our Canada show, but her MoMA-worthy method of mint M&M conservation demands to be heard.

Btw, the brother she's referring to is Todd Zwillich, Washington correspondent for the public radio program The Takeaway, the venue where I annihilated Dan in a peanut butter sandwich contest. I never tire of reminding him. /mark

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