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Weird Al Promises 30% Increase in Burrito Quality With This Tip

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Jul 10, 2013

When he joined us for an episode of The Sporkful a few weeks ago, "Weird Al" Yankovic shared a revolutionary tip for burrito improvement that did not make the final cut for that episode.

But it was included in last week's show on burritos, for obvious reasons. Here's how Al explains it...

"If you wet the flour totilla first, before you put it in the pan, it cooks up a lot better. Wet the tortilla in the sink, put it in the pan, flip it over on both sides. It will make your burrito 30% better."

Al ads that you just need a bit of water on each sides, you shake off excess water, then put it in the pan. Listen to the discussion above, where you can also hear Al's thoughts on whether burrito ingredients should be mixed before being wrapped in the tortilla.

Thanks Weird Al!

Photo: Flickr CC / Amber DeGrace

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