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Jamie Oliver Says Sunday Lunch Saved Him

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Feb 03, 2020
Jamie Oliver Says Sunday Lunch Saved Him

Despite being one of the best-selling authors in UK history, Jamie Oliver didn't read a whole book until he was 38. He's dyslexic, and writes by dictation. Growing up, school was a huge struggle for him. When he began cooking as a kid it was the first time he thought, "I'm good at something."

Today, Jamie Oliver has one of the most impressive resumes in the food world: chef, TV personality, restaurateur, multi-cause activist, and author of almost two dozen best-selling cookbooks (including his newest, Ultimate Veg). His modus operandi is simplicity — hence the title of his first television show, The Naked Chef.

This week, Jamie tells Dan about his life story: Growing up in his parents' pub. Selling candy out of lockers at age 11. Finding his groove as a television star at the age of 23. And having to find a new direction now, after the core of his restaurant empire collapsed.

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