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Burger Formation and Consumption, Cheese Placement and More

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Oct 22, 2013

"Rev" David Ciancio has chronicled his consumption of nearly 600 burgers for his blog, Burger Conquest, and that doesn't even count those he's eaten as a private citizen.

Rev joins Dan for a fast-paced and passionate conversation that covers fat-to-lean ratios, burger-to-bun ratios, perfect patty formation, the difference between sliders and mini burgers, burger bite consistency vs. bite variety, additions and fillings, going beyond beef, cheese on the bottom, and what having a father in the FBI taught Rev about restaurant seating. And so much more. This is the longest episode of The Sporkful ever, because there is just that much to say.

Plus, Matt in Chicago calls in to press for new legislation to require ice cream purveyors to put a half-scoop of ice cream into a flat-bottomed cone before putting a whole scoop on top. Listen and share!

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